MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE Pvt a direct selling company which has implemented innovative ideas in direct selling industry. The company is rooted in Kerala and is poised to grow across our nation. The most significant feature we provide to our members is to associate our business with a simple purchase and earn unlimited income depending on their work. A member gets a product equaling the price he pays. Also he/she obtains an opportunity to do business for which he receives Income in five different schemes. In every multi-level marketing company you might have heard only about two types of income say binary and repurchase income. But we have taken a liberal step to increase the benefit of our distributors by adding up three more advanced income plans like; Mentorship Income, Level Income and Pension.


To focus and help the ordinary individual to earn their livelihood by working with us in simplest concepts and see them live better lives. MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE Pvt Ltd. attains this vision by helping people everywhere discover their potential and achieve their goals by offering and adding daily useful products in different segments to our valet. This creates earning opportunities for their future.


MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE Pvt Ltd. is focused on delivering daily use house hold products in competitive rates through Direct Marketing. It’s a place where the ordinary people find their hope. It’s a place where new entrepreneurs emerge. It’s a place where the traditional family concepts get their branding. We are committed to provide employees simplest earning opportunities, a progressive reward package, training package, and product package. We put a very strong ethical and socializing practice.