The great venture that is making waves in the business world in Kerala today.

Here is a summary of what MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE is and how to make a lot of money with it. Read this post carefully to know more about the world wide opportunity that can change your life

MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE is a direct selling company started near by Thunchan Paramba, Tirur, Malappuram district,Kerala. The company's distributors have been operating in many districts of Kerala for a short period of time, in states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and outside the country, such as Qatar, Oman and the UAE. Today we know how much risk it takes to start a business, what to focus on and how much to invest but even the chances of success. A good percentage of people are reluctant to start a business because they think that they can overcome such challenges. But if you are interested it can be done very easily through MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE This will make it easier for you to live your life according to your dreams, expectations and desires.

  • You can enter the world of e-commerce franchise by purchasing 18 food products, 20 types of cleaning and cosmetic materials, any product you like from over a hundred everyday products, including kitchen sets with five nonstick products and six plates, starting at 50PV or 10PV. All you have to do is buy the equivalent of Rs 3999 or just Rs 999. 400 to Rs. 8000 per day when you and others do individual franchise through it; You can earn between Rs 200 and Rs 3000 only on one item of income. The uniqueness of MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE is that you can earn five types of income in this way.
  • In addition, when he sells the products of your business partner company that you refer directly to and gets into the 1000 point value (PV) business, he receives Rs. 2000 as My Vision Purchase income and you who refer him receive Rs.
  • The attractiveness of MY PIN is that you can bring two to as many people as a direct raffle.
  • If you have two direct referrals, you will get Rs. 4000 per day from two persons at the rate of Rs. What if you made ten direct referrals? When each of these reaches 1000PV, you will get Rs. 10 × 2000 = Rs. 20,000 / - per day from each of them. This is to say that the MY PIN is very attractive.
  • And as your business developer, Another attraction of MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE is that you will get Rs 5,000 to Rs 20 lakh in rewards depending on how you have achieved 32 pairs of business and reached the Dreamers Club and promoted to the company's ten clubs.
  • Visitors to each club from 32 Pair Business Leaders receive a Festival Bonus from the company's dividend on festive occasions such as Vishu, Eid and Christmas.
  • Also, you and your team members can get up to fifteen levels of REPURCHASE INCOME through repeated purchases. The 25% dividend on your purchase business volume is returned to the purchaser's purchase wallet. The remaining 75% of the business volume's revenue is distributed to each level.

Here are five key pointers in moving your finances MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE .

MY VISION ONLINE SHOPPE welcomes you to do business very easily without any hesitation.


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